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San Antonio, Texas

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Party Details

Our parties are for entertainment only,
no real money betting is allowed.

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We will deliver all equipment, set it up, run the party and remove the equipment at the end of the party.

At the end of the party, all chips won are exchanged for raffle tickets or vouchers and prizes provided by you are awarded by raffle or auction.


Typical Party Procedures

 The client’s guests are given from one to four $500.00 (buy-in) chips at the beginning of the Casino Party. The number of chips given out initially is up to the client but we usually recommend four. The guests can take these $500.00 chips to any table and cash them in (one at a time) for smaller denominations ranging from $25.00 to $100.00.

Guests play for the scheduled party time and can take their chips from table to table if they choose. The Roulette table uses special $10.00 chips (different colors) which are used only for Roulette.

Table betting limits ($25.00 to $500.00) are displayed at each of the tables to maintain fairness and to give all guests playing a chance at winning (Texas Hold’Em is usually played with no limits due to the nature of the game).

If a guest looses all their chips the client can make special provisions (if desired) for ways for their guests to obtain additional $500.00 chips to continue playing (examples available upon request).

At the end of the gambling, the dealers at each table will exchange the chips’ that each player has won for 2 part raffle tickets or vouchers based on the player’s winning.

Raffle tickets are usually awarded as follows: 1 ticket for each $100.00 or $500.00 won depending on how many of the $500.00 buy-in chips were given out before and during the party; winnings are rounded up to the nearest $100.00 or $500.00 for purposes of awarding the raffle tickets.

If vouchers are chosen, dealers will write out vouchers to each guest based on the total amount they won. Vouchers are also rounded up – usually to the nearest $100.00.

Prizes provided by the client are award at the end of the party.

If raffle tickets are chosen, guests place half of their raffle tickets in a raffle drum (provided) or container for the prize drawing. Clients can choose to place a separate container in front of each prize that is being awarded. The guests would then place half of their raffle tickets in the container(s) in front of the prizes they would like to win.

If vouchers for chip winnings are given out, the vouchers are collected and placed in order of total amount won. Prizes are then awarded using the vouchers based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, etc.