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Casino Party FAQ

So you’re ready to plan you casino party? GREAT! Hold’Em Casino Parties is here to make that process as simple and easy as possible, which is why we have created this Q and A list for you. This list will get you moving in the right direction to make your casino party a fun and successful event .

Q: What time are your guests arriving?

A: Over the years we have seen casino gambling times cut short because a client wants the gambling to start as soon guests are scheduled to arrive. Remember to leave time for your guests to arrive so they can enjoy the casino the whole time. Remember: Our dealers will be there and ready at the time gambling is scheduled to start.

Q: What time are your guests eating?

A: If you are providing a meal to your guests remember to schedule it before gambling time is set to begin. If it is a sit down meal make sure to leave plenty of time for the guests to eat before scheduling the casino to begin. If the meal is a buffet, sometimes it works out that you can start the eating and gambling at the same time. However, guests MAY NOT EAT at the casino tables.  Drinks at the tables are fine.

Q: Do you have some event announcements or awards to make?

A: This can be done before or during the casino gambling time, just make sure and let us know before the event and we will have our dealers stop so your guests can give their full attention to the presentation.

Q: Do you have prizes to give out?

A: For your guests to get the most enjoyment out of the casino party we strongly encourage awarding prizes for the casino.

There are two common methods:

Tickets: A guest exchanges their chips at the end of the night for two part raffle tickets, usually one ticket for each $500 won rounded up. Guests then put their tickets in a bowl or other container and the winners are drawn. Awarding tickets for gambling chips at the end of the night allows everyone a chance to win regardless of how much they won, of course the more tickets a guest wins the better chance they have of winning the prizes.

Vouchers: A guest gets one voucher for the exact amount they have won. Prizes are awarded to only the top gamblers.

More information on theses items can be found on our Casino Party Procedures page.